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Napp NextApp


(Napp, NextApp), which build the global sharing platform of interconnection and interoperation based on blockchain.

While the status quo of blockchain is Blockchain over Internet, Napp is working on the Internet over Blockchain. Napp supports peer to peer mobile connection without Internet. Napp Network can communicate without internet. Off-line payment becomes available with Napp.

Napp stands for NextApp, which means the Next Generation Application.

All Napps are internally connected via NappChain. Users in Napp1 can directly talk to users in Napp2, and they can even create groups across Apps to do crowdfunding or group buying. Transactions fees between users or Napps can be paid by NappToken.

A Traditional App can join the NappChain and becomes a Napp simply by embedding the NappSDK. In this way, the mobile internet will get rid of the islanding effects.