Singapore Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference is coming soon

Singapore Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference is coming soon

The annual Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference will be held for two days on  April 17-18, 2018, at Singapore University of Social

Sciences (SUSS)  . The conference was hosted by Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS and co-organized

by Longhash, a global blockchain incubator.

Last year, the Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference was hold in a great success. Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum,

and many other excellent blockchain project teams from around the world were invited to attend the conference and made

speeches. Many subjectaround blockchain including technology, Markets, applications, were discussed within these  two days.

This year, the conference is more attractive and interesting compare with last year’s .  Blockchain industry pioneers,

opinion leaders, experts and scholars, and technology veteran from China, Hong Kong, and Singapore are coming together .

In which include :The Chairman of Shanghai Wanxiang Blockchain Inc., Dr. Xiao Feng;Harry Xiao ,The CEO of Mashbox.  the CEO of ChainB –

China’s leading blockchain publication, Mr. James Gong; the Founder of QTUM Foundation, Mr. Patrick Dai

The Conference will see the Mandarin-speaking community converge at SUSS to discuss topics from macroeconomics,

finance & investment, regulation, standards & applications, to technical matters. We are at the cusp of an industry revolution.

Through this Conference, we aim to present the latest debates and exchanges among leading practitioners and thought

leaders as well as the opportunity to advance Blockchain knowledge and its applications.