International Blockchain Application Federation IBAF participate in the  Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference in Singapore.

The  Global Inclusive Blockchain Conference in Singapore was held in Singapore on April 17-18, 2018, this year is its second meeting. The Global Blockchain Application Alliance IBAF was invited to attend the conference.

IBAF is a non-profit non-profit organization established last year. Its purpose is to promote the globalization of the blockchain, accelerate the development of blockchain technology, and promptly launch the practical landing project of the blockchain industry. The association brings together a number of world-class important experts, scholars, and entrepreneurial teams with extensive influence in the industry.


As we all know, blockchain technology is spotlighted for its transparency, decentralization, security, and trustworthiness. But so far, the landing of a Blockchain project has always been a major issue affecting everyone, looking at the entire industry. There are none of the projects that can be put into use. Under such circumstances,International Blockchain Application Federation IBAF was born. It will unite companies, markets, and capitals globally and play a leading role. Promote the development of the blockchain market in the direction of  healthy and self-discipline, and accelerate the landing of excellent blockchain projects.

Chairman of the IBAF organization promoter SmartMesh Foundation Wang Qiheng and Xiao Yongquan, the founder of the IBAF member MeshBox, gave a speech at the conference.


MeshBox carries its newly developed blockchain products ,MeshBox to display on-site and pre-sale, the product is taking a solid step forward from a mere concept of blockchain to launch real products.