“Singapore Blockchain Day 2019″was held at Singapore Polytechnic as scheduled

The “Singapore Blockchain Day 2019”, organised by Singapore Polytechnic, Banking and Financial Services Union (BFSU), NTUC e2i, Token Economy Association (TEA) and supported by Workforce Singapore and Enterprise Singapore , will be held on 31 August 2019 (Saturday).Agenda includes a discussion panel on “Blockchain and the Future of Work”, blockchain workshops and showcase, and the launch of the Professional Conversion Programme for Associate Blockchain Developers.Suitable for Singapore residents keen to explore a career in blockchain or adding blockchain to their skillsets, and for firms keen to explore blockchain to transform their business.Henry Wang, CEO of SmartMesh, was invited by Chia Hock Lai, chairman of Singapore Token Economy Association, to participate in the “Singapore Blockchain Day”.

Singapore government once again walk in front of the world, the blockchain day focused on actually the blockchain industry vocational training. With the development of AI and blockchain, many old jobs will disappear and many new jobs will be created. Nearly 60 years after the birth of the Internet, half the world’s population is still unconnected. But over the next decade, the integration of tens of thousands of low-orbit satellites into the last mile of the SmartMesh and MeshBox on the ground will connect all of humanity — no matter how steep the mountains, vast seas, or distant islands. This distributed connectivity revolution will revolutionize socioeconomic and organizational patterns, with new occupations and training for new ones becoming more desirable as a result of a decade of consensus mobile Token Switching.