IBAF and IBA Ramp Up

The latest big news is that IBAF Founder and President Henry Wang has been invited to serve as an advisor to the Israeli Blockchain Association.  This is very exciting for everyone involved as all parties are connected to various hotbeds of innovation and this opens a new door to connect the dots and pave the way towards a dynamic new future.  Israel is a major technology hub experiencing and fostering fast growth.  The IBA reaching out to Henry to serve in such a significant role signifies both trust and confidence that there exists great synergy in the vision of these two organizations and that there is also a great amount of knowledge, assets and resources to be shared and leveraged now and in the future.

Henry will join six other advisors on the board. This relationship couldn’t come at a better time as IBAF continues to gain leverage and influence across different regions and markets and blockchain develops its own distinct identity as the primary facilitator of a massive paradigm shift in worldwide technology infrastructures.  Henry’s new venture, the SmartMesh network, will draw on blockchain technology to roll out a new way of networking with a remote reaching scope that takes transactions, payments, data sharing and communications off the chain and offline while still having the ability to connect back to both via uplinks in the network.  The possibilities of this new approach not only bring about a potential sea-change in worldwide security and privacy, but also can bring safety and range into locales having not even the slightest technology infrastructure.

The myriad applications of this new architecture have yet to become manifest, but the initial use-cases of protecting private networks of communicators, traders and purchasers, as well as facilitating demographics and areas lacking in technologies and infrastructure with plausible communication and interaction channels is cause enough for enthusiasm.  Now that the founder of this innovation has the ear of some of the best and brightest internet minds in Israel, and vice-versa, very promising results are bound to follow very soon.

The ramping up of the IBAF and the IBA bring together far reaching intelligence and a great depth of experience.  Israel has been at the crossroads of civilization for millennia and in its modern existence has become a hub of language, learning and development, not the least of which has occurred in the hi-tech sector in the past thirty years.  Only two nations in the world have grown so quickly since the 1940s, namely Henry’s native China, and Israel.  Now the bond between their two trajectories has been amplified and the possibilities are set to fly.